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Turmeric Whitening Serum

Turmeric Whitening Serum

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Turmeric Whitening Freckle Serum fades dark spots, revealing even, luminous skin. Powered by natural turmeric, it reduces hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Unlock your skin's potential and enjoy a visibly more even complexion. Try it today and witness nature's transformative power.

●Item Type: Turmeric Face Serum +Cream


●Shelf life:3 years

●Function: Fade dark spots and uniform tone, Rich and smooth skin, Fade acne marks , Immediate supplement and sedation, Effective brightening and tightening

1. Helps skin to resist UV rays,avoid dark spots and freckles,lighten spots and shrink pores.

2.Turmeric serum can moisturizing,rejuvenating and anti-aging,anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Suitable for improving and preventing rough skin and promoting the recovery of skin barrier function.

4. Prevent melanin from depositing in keratinocytes and promote the metabolism of melanin-containing epidermal cells.

How to use:

1. Clean the skin

2. Apply appropriate amount of essence evenly on the face and neck and gently massage

3. After the serum is absorbed by the skin, use turmeric face cream, and use your fingertips to make a circular movement until it is absorbed

It is recommended to use it sooner or later

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