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Pink Sugar Shea Butter (Sample)

Pink Sugar Shea Butter (Sample)

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Exfoliate, hydrate and nourish your skin with our AMAZING body scrubs that will leave you with the “ I just left the spa” feeling !

This Pink Sugar Crush Shea Butter Body Scrub is loaded with only the best oils for your skin!

Exfoliating the skin is very important as dirt and bacteria get trapped in our pores, sometimes making our hair follicles more visible. Exfoliating your skin will unclog pores, reduce and prevent strawberry legs. It also evens the skin tone, boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, allowing new skin to grow which will ultimately over time give you even toned, healthy skin. Exfoliating also helps other skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin, so if you have been using a product and haven't seen an result, try exfoliating and then use the product.


  • 0.7 ounce


Natural. Organic. Handmade. Our Pink Sugar Crush Shea Butter Body Scrub is a spa treatment which gently exfoliates dead skin on your body leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft with a soft hint of lasting Sugar fragrance.

Our Pink Sugar Crush Shea Butter Body Scrub consists of small graduals that are highly saturated in oils for a gentle exfoliation.

WHATS SO GOOD ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS USED IN " Pink Sugar Crush Shea Butter Body Scrub?"

Well.....its infused with all the natural oils need to revive your skin.

Pink Himalayan Salt detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH, Improves hydration by providing trace minerals, Improves mineral status of the body, Reduces muscle cramps by improving minerals and hydration, draws out toxins, deep cleanses the skin, and helps cleanse the body energetically.

Coconut Oil is amazing because it prevents/cures fungal infection on our skin and it has an ability to remove the dead skin cells while absorbing quickly into our skin.

Shea Butter is the "Mother of all Butters" for its healing properties. Shea butter has the ability to soothe, moisturize and stabilize your skin. Shea butter can also be used as an anti-inflammatory to heal skin problems.

Aloe Vera-

A sugar essential oils

After ordering, please allow 3-5 Business day for your order to ship. All orders are handmade and created uniquely. Rush orders are not available.

We recommend showering first and finishing your experience with the Pink Sugar Crush Body Scrub. Buff gently into the desired area(s) and then rinse with lukewarm water. Once finishing, air dry the areas or gently pat yourself dry with a towel. You should not need any other lotions after use of this scrub. Please be aware that the scrub could create a slippery surface. 

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