Hand-Made Products

Here you will find hand made products I use all-natural oils such as Almond oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and other natural oils that help replenish the skin. Having long hair is not hereditary anyone can achieve long healthy hair. What we put in our body makes a big difference and I'm sure you already know that II believe in using different herbs in my products that go much deeper than just the skin, my hair products are made to give you a healthy scalp which will allow you to grow hair. My hair butters is infused with Chebe oil, Aloe vera, etc that will promote hair growth as well as maintain your hair length. 

My body products are infused with different oils such as the one listed above but much more, I believe in using different herbs that will help repair damaged skin. The ingredients in most stores are to help maintain shelf life. I'd rather use a product that has fewer ingredients that are all-natural....you just may have the ingredients in your kitchen. My products have not only helped me maintain hair growth it's given me a sense of security knowing that I'm only using ingredients that I need for my hair and nothing artificial.

My products are all-natural with my hair butters you may notice discoloration if stored in a hot area so make sure it's stored in a cool place. However, if you make this mistake the product is still safe to use the brownish color is just the oils that have gathered. My ingredients actually work better the longer you have them but the smell and looks of the hair butter's and how they make your hair feel and the results after consistent use and balanced diet Ladies and gents. 

I have studied for many years hairs and how it grows and so on.. I, by all means, DO NOT have a college degree, so this product works different for everyone as I stated it also depends on what we eat. I did hair for years and seen many individuals with scalp issues it wasn't the hair. If you're a hairstylist you may understand but you can tell if someone is taking medication by the condition of the scalp. If your scalp is dry and flaky then you need more moisture from within as a hair butter infused with the right oil. Having healthy hair is possible! So I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do, they are 100% made with love.